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 Theory, dynamics and scales are a few key ingredients to understanding the language of music. Classes are offered in Violin, Voice, Music Theory for Actors, and Acting Through Song.

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Voice Lessons

 Establish the skills and to feel confident in your own voice and vocal performances. Improve your listening ear, tonality, pitch, composition, and more! Work on personal favorites and assigned material to improve vocal technique and musicianship. Enroll in 30 or 60 minute Voice Lessons to improve your singing voice! These Private lessons will include: 

  • Vocal Health, Anatomy, and Breath Work

  • Vocal Warm Ups 

  • Songs to Practice Vocal Technique & Expand Repertoire 

  • Singing Different Types of Genres

  • Vocal Placement: Head/Chest Voice vs Belting vs Mixing

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Music Theory for Actors

Learn fundamental principles of music theory and composition to learn the basics of reading music. These skills will aid actors in learning songs at ease and understanding melodic and harmonic lines.

  • Key Signatures & Time Signatures

  • Rhythm, Beats, & Note Reading

  • Music Terminology and Dynamics

  • Ear Training and Pitch

  • Exercises to Flex Your Theory Skills

Violin Lessons

Learn to play the violin with Gina! Accepting beginning and intermediate students. Practice fundamental musicianship essentials, develop a performance mindset, and more! Students must be equipped with own instrument for lessons.

Beginner Students

  • Violin Fundamentals

  • Beginning Music Theory & Dynamics

  • Posture, Comfort, and Playing in Tune

  • Open Strings and Scales

Intermediate Students

  • Music Theory and Sight Reading

  • Vibrato, Shifting, and Intonation

  • Violin Rep & Musical Styles

  • Movement & Expressive Phrasing

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Acting through Song

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Explore written musical composition and text to make concrete character choices. Grow your character’s development that translates into physical and emotional storytelling. Learn to break down character wants and dissect musical cues to influence acting and vocal choices. Apply acting techniques to songs and develop authentic expressions of emotion through movement and gesture.

  • Discover Musical Cues that Enhance Vocal and Physical Storytelling 

  • Find Connection with Lyrics through Vocal and Acting Exercises

  • Enable Vocal and Physical freedom 

  • Music and Lyric Analysis & Interpretation 

  • Discover Character Journey throughout the song

  • Learn to Blend Strong Vocal Technique with Strong Acting Technique

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