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Musical Theatre

We hope you get it! Musical Theatre perfectly blends the artistry of singing, dancing, acting, and more. Act through Song, Build your Repertoire Book, and Identify your 16/32 Bar Cuts to be your MT best.   

Building your Repertoire Book

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Acting through Song

Your Audition binder is as unique as you are! Construct your Audition Rep Binder to demonstrate your singing and acting abilities. We can help you find repertoire that will make you shine.

Fill and curate your Musical Theatre Binder with pieces to reflect your individuality and showcase YOU. Be ready for any audition by having your best, current versatile material to offer casting directors.


  • Binder Organization

  • Casting and Character Types

  • Musical Theatre Genres & Number of Song Options

  • Solidify Songs, Cuts, and Musical Markings

  • Mock Auditions

Explore written musical composition and text to make concrete character choices. Grow your character’s development that establishes physical and emotional storytelling. Learn to break down character wants and dissect musical cues to influence acting and vocal choices. Apply acting techniques to songs and develop authentic expressions of emotion through movement and gesture.

  • Discover Musical Cues that Enhance Vocal and Physical Storytelling 

  • Find Connection with Lyrics through Vocal and Acting Exercises

  • Enable Vocal and Physical freedom 

  • Music and Lyric Analysis & Interpretation 

  • Discover Character Journey throughout the song

  • Learn to Blend Strong Vocal Technique with Strong Acting Technique

16/32 Bar Cuts

Performers are given 60-90 seconds in front of a casting panel in a typical audition. Identify musical cuts that will showcase your singing & acting skills, and use your audition time to its fullest potential. 
Learn how to prepare your sheet music to clearly communicate with your accompanist and choose appropriate songs for auditions.

  • Learn Clear Musical Notations 

  • Walking in the Room & Accompanist Communication 

  • Prepare Sheet Music for your Repertoire Binder

  • Musical Styles & Length of Cuts

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