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Discover storytelling through physical movement, learn to express ideas and  emotions through physicality and gesture. Use the body to develop your character starting from the ground up.

Character Physicality

Explore movement and gesture as a means to discover and develop your character’s personality. Learn methods of character development through movement and gesture work.  This class focuses on grounding the body in order to build character layers and manifest their personality from the outside in.

  • Character Breakdown and Exploration through Physicality Exercises using Viewpoints, Laban, Suzuki Methodology, & more!

  • Grounding the Body and Weight Placement

  • Rhythm and Tempo 

  • Freedom of Physical & Vocal Choices 

  • Identify & Dismantle Personal Habits  



Text paragraph here.  Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Contemporary.  Improv

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  • Strength and Conditioning

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