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How many people are in a class?

We are committed to the health and safety of our students!  While Covid-19 restrictions are in place, we are offering private virtual lessons via Zoom. If you are interested in taking a class as a small group (2-4 people), send us a message below. We are happy to work with students to develop classes that fit their needs.

Where do you teach? 


We currently offer classes outside & virtually due to COVID restrictions. Our physical studio space - 1569 Fourth St in San Rafael - is currently under renovation.  We look forward to our grand opening in Spring '22!

What if I need to cancel class? Will I get a refund?

We require a 24 hour notice to switch your class to a different time.  Classes are non-refundable, however, students are given 1 refunded class cancellation without penalty.  

What if the open time slots don’t work for me?

If the available time slots don’t work for you, drop us a line by clicking here. We’d love to get in touch and talk about alternate options!

What is the typical age range of students?

We welcome students of all ages and skill sets!  We tailor our classes specifically to the student’s age, skill level, and interests. 

What if I'm a student with a disability? Do you provide special needs or ADA accommodations?

We strive to create a space where everyone is able to access artistic training. Please reach out to see how we can support your needs. You can message us here.

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Do you sell 

Gift Certificates?

What types of payment do you accept?

We currently accept CC, Venmo, and Paypal.

Yes!  Please click the button below to purchase. 

I'm here for the $5 Feedback Special! How does it work?

Send us your work in progress - an audition piece, song, dance, monologue, etc - at ! Our Founders Gina and Mariya will film a live reaction video filled with their feedback!


Meraki is excited to support and encourage you on your artistic journey! Send us an email with your work and any questions/concerns you may have. Once we receive your payment, expect a reaction within 72 hours. In this reaction video, we will go over suggestions and techniques to improve your work and advise you on exercises we think will help elevate your skillset.  If you have any additional questions, reach out to us through email or the contact page, found in the button linked below. Open to all ages and skill levels. Be sure to include any questions, & let’s begin!

This is a great option for folks with tight schedules, want an intro to Meraki lessons, or want practice with self tapes.

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