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Interested in career mentorship? Our industry based classes focus on Entrepreneurship, providing information to build your business or move to a big city.

Being an Entrepreneur

Go over tips and tricks to build your visibility and highlight your skills and experiences. Learn balance tactics for navigating your day job, going to auditions, and getting your artistic work seen. This class offers feedback on your professional resume, headshots, website, and more!

  • Resume Construction & Building

  • Headshots

  • Website Launch & Social Media

  • Networking, Unions, & Agencies

  • Budgeting  & The Side Hustle

  • Self Care

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Navigating Big Cities

“Thinking about making the move to a big city (SF, NYC, LA, LONDON) to pursue your dream career? We can offer suggestions on how to navigate the next best steps for you and your passions.

  • Housing 

  • Side Hustle / Money Management

  • Finding a Vocal Coach

  • Community & Networking

  • Searching for Workshops & Gigs

  • Producing Cabarets & Personal Projects

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